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Article: Skin Care Tips: Skin Care Using Ice Cubes

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Article: Skin Care Tips: Skin Care Using Ice Cubes
Article: Skin Care Tips Plazan Restorative Ice With Placenta Cell Extracts.
Issued May 15, 2006

Skin Care Tips: Skin Care Using Ice Cubes
By Oksana Strelnikova, plazan skin care consultant, Ost Cosmetics

Every one of us heard grandma's old recipes on how to become beautiful and attractive using cold applications in addition to usual skin care procedures.

What are the ice cubes for? Do we need them at all?

From the point of view of modern cosmetologists, the so attractive ice cubes cannot be considered as an independent anti aging skin care agent. They won't preserve the youth of your skin and won't eliminate acne.

Nevertheless, complex use of ice cubes together with other skin care can be an excellent preventive method to strengthen brittle vessels blocking their steady enlargement. Ice cubes can be used to tone up skin muscles and narrow down pores. A pore is a "tiny hole" in the base of the skin muscle. When the skin muscle weakens, the pore enlarges. A combination of heat and cold forces muscles "to work" and therefore tones them up. In cold or variable climate skin muscles work naturally even if you move from heat to cold and vice versa. It does not happen in hot climate and probably many of us noticed that face pores tend to enlarge as time goes by. In this case, ice cubes would be useful.

Ice cubes can be recommended to those suffering from acne rosacea, capillary congestion of blood and oily skin. Cold applications are effective for people with sensitive skin if they replace washing which follows after use of cleansers. Ice cubes can be used as make up and foundation cream remover. They are to be applied 20-30 minutes after skin care creams or before going outside.

Ice cubes are best to be used 1-2 times a day but without exceeding contact time with skin. On average, the procedure should take no more than 5 seconds. Apply ice cubes to the whole face including regions of eyes. Morning cold applications tone the skin up as well as wake up after sleep. In the evening they help to eliminate face fatigue, inflammation and redness of sensitive eyes.

Regarding ice cubes composition, which of the ingredients are the best?

It will be bottled drinking water plus formulations from experts. Remember that herbs collections can directly cause allergic reactions. Ice cubes applications are not recommended to people with meningitis or maxillary sinusitis. Sudden cold can cause headache or disease aggravation.

To sum it all up, we shall repeat that ice cubes cannot be considered an independent anti aging skin care agent. However, if a woman made up her mind to take serious care of her appearance, ice cubes will only be to her benefit not only as a psychological but also as preventive measure.

Below are tonic and ice cubes recipes from Plazan.

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Plazan Restorative Ice With Placenta Cell Extracts.

Plazan active components to be used for the composition:

Use Low-molecular Plazan and Hyaluronic acid for young skin.
Use Low-molecular Plazan , Hyaluronic acid and Elastin Collagen Complex for aging skin.

Placenta's glycosaminoglycans can be used instead of Hyaluronic acid
Hydrolizat of placenta's albumens can be used instead of Elastin Collagen Complex. See the properties.

Plazan Restorative Ice is especially effective for enlarged pores and after sun bathing.

  • Use Cosmetic Milk with Hyaluronic Acid as an extra moisturizer for body, face and hands. You can use it 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening.
  • If you need a richer moisturizer for the fall and winter time, you can prepare a special lotion using Placenta's glycosaminoglycans and distilled water. Just add 1 teaspoon (5 ml.) of Placenta's glycosaminoglycans to 200 ml of distilled water.
  • If you have additional questions, please contact our Plazan Beauty Consultant

    by Oksana Strelnikova, Ost Cosmetics Ltd., December 1, 2005

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