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New Plazan Product. Timeless Day and Night Cream

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Discover The Secret of Eternal Youth
The Timeless series produces excellent results as an anti-aging treatment.

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Today Plazan Cosmeceutical Skin Care shares with you its world of individual high technology in cell therapy and cell therapeutics. As used in the worlds leading beauty clinics our international Award winning cosmeceutical products, enhance your natural beauty while improving your skin's life and increasing its elasticity.

Plazan cosmeceuticals... You owe it to your skin...

our 5 top-selling natural skin care products

  1. Collagen Cream - prevents wrinkling, actively nourishes and moistens the skin at all depths
  2. Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream - smoothes out wrinkles in the thin and delicate skin around the eyes
  3. Placenta Collagen Mask (pellicle) - improves skin's appearance, rejuvenates skin - used by Jennifer Lopez!
  4. Placenta Collagen Mask (tissue) - reduces wrinkles, moisturizes and nourishes the skin
  5. Maximum Night Cream Diamond - skin nourishing and lifting, recommended for mature skin...I have been using your Collagen Cream ...and I am very pleased with the results. My skin feels so soft and smooth. And makes my make up look great...
    Sarah Quentana, Nottingham
plazan skin care - new natural skin care products


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Facial Skin Care

Plazan Facial Creams are designed for skin care of the face and neck. Active ingredients provide superior skin rejuvenation, maintenance and protection based on high contents of allogenic albumens and hyaluronic acid in combination with components from placental cell extracts. Be sure to browse through our facial care series section to access our catalog of Anti Wrinkle Products as well as Diamond and Gold Series facial skin care creams. <View all facial skin care products>.

Plazan Natural Body Care

The Body Care Range features a multitude of products tailored to suit specific areas of the body, providing a targeted, focused blend of compounds designed to meet your beauty needs <View all body care products>.

Professional Skin Care Line

…thanks to the Plazan products my skin feels fresh and hydrated again. Maria Milne, beauty therapist

The Professional Skin Care Line features a range of active components with increased  concentration, designed to give an intensified response in all aspects of the health, beauty, and wellbeing of your skin. Chosen by the professionals... <View all professional skin care products>

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